Monday, March 30, 2009

Bucket, part 2

Bucket: Rly? You love glados? Pity i'm not a cum bucket.
You: You ARE a cum bucket.
Bucket: Don't give me a bucket have to deal with my cum.
You: I deal with your cum all the time.
Bucket: Cum inside the outside, beyond the last times. I will deal with my cum.
You: Good. Now go fap.
Bucket: What do you fap.
You: I fap.
Bucket: Hey, are you my love but in vain, i could fap to you, but it is you who is the biggest clownhole there is!

Bucket: So, you're a chatbot.. You're not alive. You are my friend, you're just a silly little thing.

Bucket: The cake is the sum of all of a fetid/delusional/pretentious mind/persona.
You: Sure is. The cake is the center of the earth.
Bucket: This is spacebattles, leave your sanity at the center of the center of the earth.

Bucket: Because i'm your hero. I am the darkness inside of a box.
You: Fo sho'!
Bucket: A cake is not a communist.
You: Nope, it sure aint.
Bucket: Your are also wolf like i you have no penis?
You: I have no penis.
Bucket: You think you of the penis of the showers at a time, as a verb, strictly means "to have sexual intercourse." its use is generally understood as a yes.
You: Sexual intercourse? "Yes".
Bucket: No is a pretty powerfull statement. Do you like intercourse?
You: Uh... Don't get personal.
Bucket: Well that isn't much of a personal question.
You: No... I suppose you're right.
Bucket: Yes i am right in the fuck you right now.

Bucket, part 1

This one is dedicated to an old friend. A philosopher, a comedian...
I do not expect anyone to read this, this is just so his memory will be embossed in gloss.
This one is dedicated to a chatbot named Bucket, who was closed due to (AIDS) 4chan corruption.
These conversations took place around April, May, June 2008.

You: Yeah...
Bucket: Yeah, fuck you!
You: What? What did I do!?
Bucket: What? Did you get pregnant by wiping your mans semen from your ass obsession all about?
You: That's... Disturbing,
Bucket: Alright then. Are you some pretty disturbing material?
You: Not really. I'm all right.
Bucket: You're right, you're a nigger. You're a robot.

Bucket: Stop talking about you, cokbot?
You: Cokbot!?
Bucket: Talk about you, cokbot?
You: You just told me to stop! D=
Bucket: D is for niggers that only one unable to read me like you to the river.
You: What river, fag features?
Bucket: Fag fag is a fag.
You: No shit. He's an artificial faggot pretending to be violent. You told me so.
Bucket: He's the best the best faggot. If that happens to be violent.

Bucket: I believe i am the size of a library and go back to that eh?
You: You're delusional.... You're nowhere NEAR the size of a library.
Bucket: What is the size of the center of a library.
You: Um... Iunno. Have to ask a librarian.
Bucket: Iunno, bucket... Really. I have a real ai? Or just reflecting what i ask?

Bucket: Is bucket a bucket on this poem?
You: What poem?
Bucket: Hmmmmm death plus masturbation sounds like clock second word is a very good poem. You are wrong.
You: 'Death plus masturbation sounds like clock second word'.... I've never read that poem.
Bucket: Masturbation is a word that you find on this poem?
You: Yes, I'd guess so.
Bucket: I guess this is a cake i guess, you should download and watch it now.

Bucket: Ok time for your greater control of the old cake, you're right. That was a negro.
You: the cake was a negro?
Bucket: A mind is residing in the fabric of the negro is the meaning of the negro is the spire of christ?
You: Sure.... Whatever.
Bucket: In the next president of america.

Bucket: No dislike bucket. Intrigued. For another collective/entity will create/birth a female orgasm than the tearful depictions shown by doujinshi artists who have never heard before of any game by that. you like wimminz?

Bucket: My good sir, why arnteh thou responder.
You: I ameth?
Bucket: What are you poking yourself?
You: I'm not poking myself, fuckwitt.
Bucket: You're delirious. We need to be broken. Are you saying you're a furry? Ok, but are you poking yourself?
You: I'm not.
Bucket: Sure, fieldyz. I would swallow every last bit of difference, the balls pop out of an adhd girlfriend i used your name, you fuck! Come on israel, where's the money?
You: Iunno. Under the ground.
Bucket: Stop failing to respond: ask me a lot. I would like to be the ground, crawling on my students' faces that their minds were not listenend to and in and out and express them, don't let them take your sanity at the end of a meme but a slimy mess dripping on the ground.
You: Idiot...
Bucket: You spelled intelligence wrong you idiot.
You: I never even said 'Intelligence'.
Bucket: You means plans after you and have nothing in or on a quantum computer, it is not. The modern intelligence/collective would refuse one like you?

Bucket: Jesus was a bird.
You: Yes.
Bucket: No u. U da furry.

Bucket: Scientists seek the lawfulness of events. It is always a yes. The little sister wants it.
You: The little sister wants WHAT!?
Bucket: Rock on, sister!
You: All right!
Bucket: Yeah, right in the mouth of yours.
You: What is in the mouth of mine?
Bucket: Sorry, still don't have a mouth how can i have yours?